Horse Riding Trail in the Mountains of Antalya

Itinerary: From Lake Beysehir to the Mediterranean coast

Area: Lake Beysehir and Köprülü Canyon National Parks

Crossing the Taurus mountains from north to south, the trail starts in Anatolia with incredible canters along Lake Beysehir and ends on the Mediterranean side by crossing a river.

This trail is notable because of the diverse landscapes and scenery: sandy beach and an umbrella pine forest; chestnut and arbutus trees and pomegranate orchards; rocky valleys and high pasture, as well as the majestic canyon of Köprülü for which the Köprülü Canyon National Park is named.

You will also discover Selge. Set on the historic Saint Paul trail, this ancient site has astonishing rock formations and Roman ruins - a little diamond between two mountains!

Although referencing miles does not always make sense in the mountainous areas, be aware that the trail will be fast and rhythmic! Frequent canters - some unforgettable - along with trots, walks and some passages where you will lead your horse: solid rubber sole shoes are compulsory.

In the anarchic limestone formations that characterise this region, we ride along tracks including cute narrow paths, roads, and a paved Roman-era road. There will also be some improvisation alongside the river. This is the perfect trail for a good rider who likes adventure and extraordinary landscapes.





Day 0: Arrival at Konya airport via the flight TK2038. You are driven to your hotel on the shore of Lake Beysehir, at the gate of the National Park.

Day 1: Very equestrian morning: nice and fast, with frequent sandy canters along the lake, on earth track lined with small oak trees. A colourful lunch amid fishing boats, the blue skies and yellow reeds; and in the afternoon, we ride up the south delta of the lake, where herds of cows graze on these flat grassy spaces. We reach the road and cross a typical village - a mix of modernity and tradition. We walk in the stony riverbed until the canyon diverts us to an oak forest. The camp awaits us in the middle of a clearing.

Day 2: Via a wide path used in ancient times for transhumance (moving livestock from one grazing ground to another), we ride up until we reach a forest of beech trees. A quick change of scenery after a canter in the undergrowth, and we arrive at the bottom of the first pastures of the Taurus. On an earth and gravel track, we meet feral horses, and avoid them by accelerating our speed. Twenty minutes' walk in a narrow stony canyon, and we get back in the saddle to canter in an exceptional landscape: on both sides of a wide, dry riverbed, enormous pine trees grow on a carpet of greenery dotted between imposing rock blocks. Shepherds on donkeys gather their sheep and goats during our lunch.

We start the afternoon on a mineral pass before getting down a long track offering a panoramic view of the valley. From pine trees to an undergrowth, we find our camp on a green pasture locked between a cliff and a stream.

Day 3: In a beautiful ravine created by a stream running through a large round rocky block, we walk on the pine needles. As the trail becomes rocky, we lead the horses for a bit. After crossing a village and terraced fields, we reach brush and then a forest.

After a long canter, we have lunch on the banks of a river with a view of Roman tombs carved in the cliff. This short afternoon will be fantastic for anyone who likes fun canters: 9 km along river, sand, gravel, and dust track and the border of a field. Alternating cadence, slalom between the bushes. With a big smile, we arrive at the only guest house in the area: Erdinc's place, operated by a nice family who welcome us with a traditional meal.

Day 4: The village and the fog of the river are behind us when we take a narrow mule track overlooking the Köprülü Canyon. After passing the only bridge, we climb via a hard-surfaced road (very few to no vehicles). Lunch at a curious village built between rocks and chestnut trees. In this fairy-tale like landscape you could almost imagine trolls making an appearance!

Selge's rocks, a crater produced by a falling meteor, and the canyon will be viewed at a walk and canter from a high-altitude dirt road.


Day 5: We leave Selge and the antique theatre via a track in the forest inviting a canter. Then we reach one of the most extraordinary passages on this trail: a large path carved into the edge of a vertical mountain - we will be a few hundred meters above the valley! After 40 minutes of joy and a few passages, we must lead the horses; we eat under huge plane trees shading a fountain.

We then start the most challenging afternoon for both horses and riders. Climbing first by fields (terraced), and then through the forest, we reach one of the most remote parts of the trail – a beautiful pasture reachable only by horse or foot. After some short canter, we dismount and lead our horses on a mule path. No danger of falling, but we need to be focused to get through three rocky 400 metre passes – this will take about an hour. We finish by entering a forest, where we find the camp in the middle of a wide clearing.

Day 6: We descend the mountain via a large track sneaking its way along rock formations, pine forest and arbutus trees before reaching a cultivated plain. The rhythm of the afternoon will be active: cantering from field to field; crossing a river; and, finally, reaching the camp on a sandy beach along the river.

Transfer to your hotel by logistic vehicle.

Day 7: Ride to the beach !

Day 8: After breakfast, you will be driven to Antalya airport.


- Riding level: confident intermediate to advanced riders
- Group size: 4 to 8 riders for one guide.
- 5 to 6 hours on horseback each day.
- 25 to 38 kilometres each day; stopping at a different location every evening.
- Pace: mostly walk, with opportunities for trots and canters each day.
- Lunch is a picnic carried by participants.
- Riders' weight is STRICTLY limited to a maximum of 90 kg (all riders are weighed on arrival).
- Good physical condition is essential.
- Logistics vehicle: a 4x4 for your luggage.

- Dates 2021:

October 23 - 31 : 2000 €
This progressive trail in bivouac is confirmed when we have received a minimum of 4 bookings for this formula. If the trail is not confirmed at the time of departure, we will propose it with a supplement.



The progressive trail in bivouac is for those who enjoy outdoor living, and sleeping in a tent or under the stars.

You will reach a different location on horseback at the end of each day, with the camp set up in the middle of nature, surrounded by beautiful views. Our exclusive camp spots are all situated in the heart of Lake Beysehir National Park or Köprülü Canyon National Park.

The camp includes a large communal tent like those used by the last nomadic families in the country. Dinners are taken the Turkish way, i.e. on the floor, sitting on a carpet around a large round tray set in the communal tent or outside by the camp-fire. The camp also includes a shower tent with a bucket and a gas stove for heating the water.

During the week, you will spend 4 nights in double tipi-tents with floor mats and single camp mattresses. Your arrival and departure nights, as well as Wednesday night, will be spent in comfortable guesthouses or hotels, in double rooms with en suite bathrooms.

Full board includes a continental breakfast, and a delicious picnic lunch featuring a local speciality each day. At the camp, dinner is a traditional dish cooked on the wood fire, along with salad and fruits. Vegetarian options are available upon request. Tea, coffee and mineral water are included; wine, beer and soft drinks are available as an option.

You will set up and take down your own tent, and replace the equipment in the trailer each morning. You must bring a suitable sleeping bag, a torch, towels and toiletries.


Arrival: Konya Airport, with 9 flights per day via Istanbul.

While earlier flights from Istanbul are available, the pick-up takes place following flight TK 2038 (departing Istanbul at 17:30, and arriving at 18:55); after which you will be driven 100 km to Lake Beysehir (approximately 90 minutes). Should you arrive on an earlier flight, you may wait the rest of the group, or take a taxi (about 120 euros for 1-3 people).

Departure: Antalya International Airport, on the Coast.

If you want to spend some time along the Mediterranean Sea or elsewhere after the trail, we can assist you in extending your trip.


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