The Great Cappadocian Ride


Once a year the major horseriding centers in Cappadocia are combining forces to offer this exciting and challenging horse event.

This unique itinerary combines a spectacular trail ride, an orienteering game, and an endurance race.

It will take place annually at the best season of the year and will showcase the most beautiful landscapes of our region.

It will be an incredible adventure for the riders, and their horses.

It will be a challenge, involving horsemanship, orienteering, and team spirit:  the winner won’t be the fastest but the cleverest team.

You will ride in a small group of 6 riders, through a wild and spectacular landscape.

Nights will be spent in comfortable camps, around the fire in a traditional, warm atmosphere, surrounded by horses.

It will end with an endurance race of 40 km.

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Detailed itinerary : The description below is an example of a trail we often do, but for a reason like the weather forecast or a safety reason, the guide can chose to change the itinerary of the trail at the last moment.

Starting at the « Bird Paradise » lake in the Sultan Sazli National Park, crossing all Cappadocia from south to north, and passing by the fantastic Red Valley, this itinerary lets you enjoy a great variety of landscapes..


0 - Saturday :

Arrival at Kayseri airport on Saturday May 30th 2020. Riders are driven to Sultan Sazli National Park.

Night in a guest house with direct view on the wetland of the « Bird Paradise ».


1 - Sunday : First day on horseback

After breakfast, the teams are put together and the rules of the trail are explained.

You meet your horse and start for a one hour ride on the southern part of the lake in a flat landscape ideal to get confident with you horse, team and guide.

Each team is to choose its own way. Other team’s riders may be seen in a distance.

After the lunch gathering all the riders, your team has three hours to cross an agricultural area, to climb up to the crest of Yesilisar, then to take a long ride across Akkoy lake and Keslik village or straight away to Erdemli Valley to reach the camp.

Dinner and rankings of the day. Night in the Erdemli Valley. Before sleeping you will have to build your strategy for the next day.


2 - Monday : second riding day

On the second day, the team that arrived last the day before is to start first.

6 hours in the saddle with many riding options:

You start the day on a stony high plateau, through fields and meadows of the high Anatolian plateau (1600 m high), overlooked by the Erciyes volcano with its snowy peak.

It’s up to you to decide on the itinerary, go around Hodul Daha or ride downhill by the Damsa Valley; the most challenging one gives you the maximum points!

Camp in the green and peaceful Karlik Valley. Dinner around a big camp fire, rankings of the day and strategy for the next days.


3 - Tuesday : third day in the saddle.

Now that your team got used with the rules and is able to evaluate the other competitors level, this is a day for an exciting competition, when missing the entrance of a valley can make you lose your position of leader.

Many remote canyons to visit, underground villages and churches that you shouldn’t miss… Keeping your eyes open will make you win lots of points! 

Later on, the land turns into wide open, bare spaces where shepherds lead their flock, helped by the impressive Kangal dogs. After a last canter on the steppes, you arrive at the camp « Subasi ».


4 - Wednesday : Fourth day with your horse

Vineyards, orchards, valleys, and remote villages. The labyrinth of Cappadocia could make your arrival on time at the evening camp difficult. Will you take one of the easiest way or a challenging one?

Arriving in the northern part of the National park, during this long riding day you can see the more scenic and sculptural valleys of Cappadocia: Zemi, Pigeon, Love and White valleys.

Night on the top of the red valley.


5 - Thursday : Fifth riding day: last day of the game

After an early wake up to admire the sunrise, the ballet of balloons taking off close by,

The day start with a long canter on an open plateau, overlooking the maze of colorful valleys.

Red valley, Boz daga, Devrent valley, all beautiful, all challenging.

Arrival in Uzengui valley for the night, nearby Kapadokya Ranch.


6 - Friday : Half riding day 

A training course where your horse has to pass some « obstacles » (mud, door, U turn, slalom) brings your team more points. Your horse is to undergo the vet-check for a 40 kms endurance race, and you get all the information about the rules and organization of the race. 

Opportunity to shop in Gorëme, to visit the open air museum or to laze around.

An equestrian show takes place in the afternoon and ends up with a big camp party.


7 - Saturday : Endurance race

A 40 kms race is organized for all the riders.

The minimum speed limit is 10 km/h ; the maximum 15, and the cardio at arrival makes the difference.

Night in hotel


8 - Sunday : morning - Departure

After breakfast, departure from Kayseri airport.






Each team puts together a maximum of 5 riders and a guide. The team itself is in charge of the strategy and itinerary, the guide is there to help and show the way through the difficult passages.

This race is thus designed for strong intermediate and experienced outdoor riders, looking for a fun andfast ride in Cappadocia on a more challenging itinerary than a standard trail. Here no horses nose to tail ! You will be independent riders riding together.

Note : A group of 4 riders plus one guide can make their own team, but will have a disavantage on the training course to bring points.



This orienteering and endurance equestrian game in teams of 6 riders, for 7 days and 8 nights; where the quest of speed and performance is not the vital goal, will draw from the horse riding qualities of the riders, their spirit of solidarity as well as their ability of orienteering in the labyrinthe of the rocks of Cappadocia.

The Great Cappadocia Ride is to be able to follow the smartest itinerary (using google earth), to find all the highlighted points along your chosen way, to respect riding times and speed, to win the challenges, and to prepare your horse for the final trial: the Endurance Race.



2021: May 29th - June 06th

 May 30 till June 03 :

- 5 days of trail - orienteering

June 04 :

-Half day at leisure at the camp and/or visit of Cappadocian villages

-A training course (PTV with obstacle course: mud, door, U turn, slalom)

- Preparationfor the final endurance race: Veterinary examination, horse inspections, presentation of the endurance rules and road

June 05 :

Endurance race, 40 km



The basic price includes:

- 8 nights accommodation full board, 6 and half riding days.

- The loan of a horse and riding equipment for the trail, for the obstacle course and the endurance race.

- English and/or french speaking guide.

- Local transfers camp; regular transfers from/to Kayseri airport and Nevsehir airport (all day long; shuttle bus available for each flight coming from Istanbul)

Restrictions :

Maximum weight is 85 kgs in riding cloth
Minimum age 18



  • May 29 – June 06 2021

  • Price : 2100€

  • Extra cost for 8 nights in a single room and a single tent : 245 €





Food & Accommodation:

- Except the night of arrival and departure, the 6 night will be spent in comfortable and beautiful bivouac camp in scenic area.
- Camp are based on twin large tent, with comfortable mattress.
- Single room and single tent are available (160 € retail price for the week) but Single supplement is not mandatory (if we cannot find another rider to share : he would share with an other single from other team).
- For group of friends, big tent are available.
- Washroom and warm shower onsite; one washroom for each team.
- Dinner will be served in x-large traditional tent, on kilim carpet and low range turkish tables, people are siting on the kilim.
- Riders need to bring their own sleeping bag.


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